Can I move a brooding hen? Henhouse fell down during typhoon

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    Yet another update on our situation here: the henhouse crashed to the ground. Somehow our brooding hen is unfazed by all the wreckage. Maybe she doesn’t see anything. But I’ve got to take the henhouse apart. Can I move it around without it abandoning its eggs?


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    Hi Fatzo I’ll just share my own two cents: yes you can but there is one single condition: the hen has to already be covering the eggs for a few days. If it’s still laying new ones and going in and out, then she won’t remember where the new place is. I think it also makes her feel that the place isn’t secure so she’ll just abandon them. If she’s already on them full-time though you can go ahead, gently. I like to cover the box or basket with a cloth so she’s in the dark, it helps keep her calm while i’m moving her.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)