Cocoa hulls added under the Pozzolana. What are each needed for maintenance?

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    I am thinking of implementing mulch in my yard and I found an excellent article on here in how to do it:

    Pozzolana, designer mulch

    On the article.. it recommended to use cocoa hulls under the pozzolana for soil nutrition. It says pozzolana is excellent because of low maintenance but it does not say if the cocoa hulls are needed to be maintained once it serves as the underlayer. I just know cocoa hulls alone needs to be replace every year. Do you guys know know the answer?

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    Hi, I used the combination once (but with another mineral not the pozzolana). I consider the cocoa mulch as a one-time fertilizer, so I didn’t replace it yet. I like using weedy teas now to fertilize, I find it less effort since all I have to do is water my plants with the tea and the jobs is done. But if I were to try and apply more material in the bed, I’d probably rake the stones I put aside, maybe rinse them off on a tarp or in a bucket to clean them up, and then layer them on top again over the material I put on earlier. I think for beauty purposes they say to replace the cacao every year but for fertilizer only it takes longer than that.

    Loving the season!

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