Do i need to repot ginseng ficus i just bought from a local store

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    Last week i bought a ginseng ficus from a Metro store which was labeled as “just add ice bonsai”. The plant is potted in a very cheap plastic pot which is further placed inside a white ceramic pot with no hole. I am planning to get a nicer bonsai pot later on and repot the ficus with tropical mix bonsai soil. Is this really required to repot such ficus trees or i shouldn’t  do this. Should i keep the same soil while repotting or change it with bonsai tropical mix soil. Please advise, thanks.


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    Hello Abid, welcome! Good questions. Here’s what you need to know:

    • you don’t need to repot immediately. However, keep in mind that plants in stores are often sold just before repotting is needed. That way they have the nicest plants to display, without yet the expense of an extra repotting. So take your time to find the right pot, and once you found it, go ahead!
    • You can keep most of the same soil. No need to disturb the root system too much. Set what falls off as you loosen the roots to the side, and replace that amount with the bonsai soil mix (tropical or not, both are fine). Bonsai soil mix has less nutrients to slow growth down, and excellent drainage to make sure roots don’t rot.
    • Repotting a ficus tree: here are a few tips on how to repot ficus trees
    • but what might be more relevant in your case is this video on repotting bonsai.
    • Most important is never to water when the pot is in the ceramic pot-holder. Always remove the pot-holder when watering, so that excess water can drain away. Once it has stopped dripping, you can put it back in the potholder. Watering with ice mostly serves to limit how much water you put in for people who aren’t careful and water too much, but in general plants don’t really like cold feet, like us I guess!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)