Dying Stephanotis even though flowering.

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    I have a Stephanotis plant that is 20 years old and has always been indoors on the same windowsill.

    It flowers and it grows and the leaves dry out and die in a cycle year after year.

    This year it has about 80 flowers on it but the leaves are drying out and turning yellow.

    The watering cycle is the same and it gets fed once a week whilst flowering.

    Any ideas as it looks as if very soon there will be no leaves at all.



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    Hi Andrew, welcome to the forum!


    Congratulations on having kept the plant for so long.

    Do you think you can upload a few pictures to show the leaves?

    In my experience an overly abundant blooming is usually a sign of imminent death in plants. After all, twenty years is a ripe old age for a stephanotis.

    Maybe other forum members can suggest ideas, or the pictures might hint to another problem that might be solved.

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    Might need repotting? When was the last time it was repotted?

    In gardening, there’s always something you can’t control.  This makes the experience so humbling. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)