El Niño phenomenon – ideas how to deal with it

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    coco nutzCoco Nutz
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    I live in a country where el niño is expected from June to August and may last until early first quarter of next year. I’m already stressed about how to maintain the farm with this long period of 0-below normal rainfall.

    How to deal with this drought season on a household scale is what we’re trying to identify now and hopefully we have time to put them in place. If you have any ideas 💡, please share them!

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    Collect rain when you can and use it for watering the plants. Mulch as much as you can so watering can only be once a week.

    Green Thumb (moderator)
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    Hello @Coconutz, this El Niño is going to have an impact on a global scale. Even in Europe, we had more than a month of no rain so it was somewhat a ‘dry’ winter (kind of strange to say it but it’s true) and summer’s going to be super hot! Agricultural sectors have been into a lot of discussion and/or debate on how to at least pass this through making sure food supply is still under control. So yes, we can do our part at a household level!

    I have a few tips to conserve water in this difficult garden period:


    • When watering, do it late afternoon so plants can suck it up well before evaporation.
    • Consider planting those do not require a lot of water.


    • Launch washing machine and dishwasher only when full.
    • Shower instead of taking a bath.
    • Public pool over a private one at home.

    And yes, as mon said, collect rainwater when you can. It’s the best way to have water without depleting our tap water reserve!

    May God bless us all.

    “You got to be a gardener to appreciate dirty and muddy hands.”

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