Elderberry growing and pruning for fruit

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    I did not have any fruit on my two year old plants this year. Lots of blossoms but then nothing. I’m new to growing these and need some advice on fertilizer, pruning(I didn’t).

    Green Thumb
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    Hi! It’s possible that the tree is still a bit young to set fruit. I had one in the garden that has already been planted when I got there and it had tons of berries, I remember the bees hovering around it everywhere it was like having drones flying around they were so loud!

    One year we had a massive aphid invasion, the entire tree was covered entirely with the buggers. We didn’t get many berries that year, only like 1 tenth the normal amount. Were there any aphids on your tree?

    For pruning we would cut the branches that didn’t grow outwards (those that tried going back towards the inside of the tree) but mostly we just cut the dead ones off because the tree kinda just lived fine on its own. We didn’t fertilize it at all, but it was in the ground – is yours in a pot?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)