Fuchsia baskets I overwintered – How do I make it flower?

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    I over wintered my 3 Fuchsia baskets this year, in my garage.  I cut them back when they were dry and hung them in the dark garage.  I did water them VERY lightly twice over the winter.  When I started to see sprouts appear in April, I moved them out to hang under my upper deck, so they recieved NO sunlight but were outside and I started watering them.  They grew like CRAZY – huge beautiful full baskets, so in mid May I moved them to the front of the house, where I have hung my fuchsia’s for years (morning sun only) and they have continued to grow.  I have fertilizer/insecticide spikes in the baskets and I water them regularly – they are the most beautiful plants EXCEPT they have no flowers on them!!!  How do I make my fuchsia’s produce buds and bloom??  Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful so full and green, but I would really love some flowers!!LOL  This is my first time trying to over winter Fuchsia’s – so I hope I did it correctly.  I just seem to need HELP making them bud.  Thank you so much for any help/suggestions that I recieve 🙂

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    Pinching? No blooms on a fuchsia is sometimes an indication that the plant needs to be cut or pinched. Pinching will force the plant to grow new branches. Once Fuchsia produces “enough” growth in early spring, the end tips can be usually pinched to encourage blooming.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)