How to repot tall dieffenbachi

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    My plant is being choked by new up spring. How do I separate and repot?

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    Hi tonkey62, it’s been a while – here’s my take on your question:

    • The best way to go about splitting your dieffenbachia is to get messy about it!

    First, set up a space where you can work that’s easy to clean up after, ideally in the shade because roots don’t like sunlight at all.

    Tease the plant out of its pot, and use a cultivator (or your fingers) to untangle roots if they’re looping around the pot (=rootbound). Try to spread the roots so you get a feel of where which root is attached to the plant.

    Normally the new shoot already has a set of roots attached to it. With a sharp knife or blade, slice the junction point between the old and new shoot.

    Now, repot both in separate pots, changing the soil mix as you do so. If, on the old plant, some of the roots are very long, feel free to snip them shorter.

    Add in a couple handfuls of the old soil mix so you also inoculate good fungus and mycorhizzae to the new soil. Remember to provide a layer of drainage at the bottom of the pot and a hole for excess water to drain out, of course.

    I almost forgot – WEAR GLOVES ! the sap from this plant is irritating.  :mrgreen:

    Hope this helps!

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    Message me if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to help out!

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