I’d like to know about Zion Purple Sun Pruning Tips

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    My African Daisy/Zion Purple Sun grow all winter. They are quite leggy now and I’m wondering how much i can cut it back for Spring. Most site only talk about deadheading stems. Thx!

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    Hello, bellaazshadow. In your early spring (or before new foliage appears), consider cutting it down to 3 inches/ 7-8 cms tall. By removing most of the old foliage, the plant can concentrate its energies on the emerging new growth.

    Then throughout the blooming season, remove the wilting or spent flowers until fall, to prevent the flowers from going to seed and to encourage more new flowers. You can cut the flower stems back to the main plant in order to keep the plant looking nice and balanced. But… somewhere around mid to late summer, they tend to get leggy and flop so, cut them back even more: remove half of each stem to “rejuvenate” and begin new flower production.

    Does that help? Luis

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)