Iris flowers soggy and not opening

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    flower girlflower girl
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    I am new to growing iris they were planted last year and this year had lots of buds however many buds became damp and soggy and did thrive.  Any idea of the cause and if so what is the remedy?

    Green Thumb
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    Hi flower girl, if the flower buds themselves are soggy inside it might be because the plants are dealing with too much water underground. Some iris species can survive this just fine, like yellow iris, but most don’t like it when the soil is too wet.

    Are the tubers/rhizomes planted more on a mound or more in a dip in the soil? Ideally they should be grown a bit higher up than the soil around them, so that excess water can draine away.

    For this season it’ll be hard to salvage the blooming, but it’s best to act right away and plant the rhizomes in better-draining soil. You might even raise the flower bed to about a foot high so that the roots are clearly higher up.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)