Japanese Yew Drooping – HELP

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    Anyone know why my Japanese Yews are dropping. They were planted in early 2022, and have grown very well and are getting tall. They seem to be unable to support their own weight though.

    They get watered from drip irrigation 3 times a week, and I put Osmocote down about 2 months ago. Other than that, I’m not doing anything else to them. I really want them to grow into a hedge, but they are dropping pretty bad.

    We live in eastern North Carolina for reference. Thanks in advance!IMG_2351IMG_2352IMG_2353

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    They sure look like they’ve grown very fast!

    It seems to me like they’re getting top-heavy because of growing fast and because they’re protected from wind. No wind = no incentive for them to grow stronger trunks. Some blogs would recommend shaking the stems often, like several times a day, to trigger thocker stems, but i find that a hassle.

    At this stage i’d do 2 things:

    – stake them to tie them upright

    – prune them ! Since you’re going for a hedge, you’ll want the shrubs to be dense and lush. Every cut you make will lead to two or three branching outs. And it also gives stems time to harden so they won’t droop over. You can prune like this anytime.


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    How much sun do they get a day? I kind of suspect they’re reaching for the sun.

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