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    I’d been trying to propagate lupine which all three attempts ended up unsuccessful. Very frustrating. I took a clump from a mother plant my parents own in November and potted it. It had 2-3 leaves and remained in the nursery until transplanted in the ground early spring. Then it died. Second attempt in early spring. Another clump taken and potted. Got new leaves until it got rotten and died. Third attempt didn’t even have new leaves. Got sick with aphids and too late to save.

    I feel like it’s so difficult to propagate lupines. They take so long to make and grow new leaves and very susceptible to rotting and diseases. I tried my best to water it moderately and avoid sitting water. Where did I go wrong? Timing or something I missed?

    I was so disappointed that I ended up buying at a garden store to finally have lupines. Though, I still couldn’t move on and want to try again!

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