Magnolia bush with fuzzy bulbs in summer

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    I have a bush growing in my back yard planted about 3 yrs ago.  It has had lots of new growth this summer.  Early August it had some flowers but those quickly died before fully opening.  Of course I live in the Midwest, we have suffered one of the worst droughts this year.

    Now late in August I see lots of small fuzzy brown bulbs forming at the ends of every branch.  I am unfamiliar with Magnolia bushes.  Are these new buds for the late summer, buds for next spring (as a lilac), or seed pods forming?

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    We’re having the same thing, but new flowers are actually already coming out of them, even though Fall is drawing near. If it were seed pods it wouldn’t look so fuzzy.

    If the weather cools down, it might keep the from opening and blooming. If they do bloom, that’s nice for this season but I’m not sure you’ll have many flowers next spring. Normally that fuzz protects buds from freezing, but if it needs to make another round before winter at this time, I’m not sure it’ll have time to form the buds properly.

    Strange season, isn’t it?


    I don’t have magnolia but my neighbor has a huge one and branches are reaching over my wall. And I’m suprised it’s flowering again with more buds still about to open up. So, in my opinion those bulbs are flower buds for late summer/early autumn.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)