Moving house with Winter Mimosa in a pot

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    Given as a 50 th birthday gift this is a treasured tree. It has lived in a pot it’s whole life and last flowered in December. Now I have to move house and give her for safe keeping to a friend for about 6 months  🙁

    She looks healthy but is 10 ft tall and has thin straggly branches. I should have pruned I think back in January but I really need to reduce the height. Does anyone have any thoughts about whether I can do this safely. She won’t fit in the van as now. I will cover the top of the pot with mulch. I know to do that but just not sure on the pruning . So won’t to be reunited with my Mimosa after winter.

    Many thanks indeed.

    Green Thumb
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    Hmmm well you can prune it now it the person caring for it is OK with it not bearing any flowers this winter. As long as you don’t prune it back to only a stump or a single stem, it should be fine. Will it sleep outside? Is it going to be any colder than it’s used to? If so, you might need to protect it with bubble wrap part of the winter, on the colder days. If it’s just moving around the block for a while then no fear I guess, it should be fine.

    For next year yeah it’s right after the blooming that you prune it to the right shape and height, so that way you’re sure it’ll have all Spring and summer to grow and thrive and all. Pruning now is ok but it means this year’s blooms are pruned off, too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)