My Lemon tree is blooming but not setting any fruit

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    I have a lemon tree in a large pot, which I keep out side in summer and bring it in to my sunroom in winter, where it gets 6- 8 hrs of sunlight on sunny days. The plant is about seven years old. It is blooming now, but setting no fruits. I have noticed two kinds of flowers on the tree, one with a long prominent stamen(these end up with a fruit) and the other kind with a bunch of bushy stamens ( these do no produce fruit). My plant, right now is inside and producing many flowers ( bushy stamens ) and producing no fruit. Can this be changed by any manipulations and make the plant fruit? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Green Thumb
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    Hi Dilip, in my experience, a citrus tree should only have one type of flower. May I ask where you got the tree? If you got it in a store or had it delivered, chances are it is grafted, and it seems like the rootstock has sent out a branch out from below the graft point. Usually rootstock isn’t lemon, it’s another species of citrus entirely. It grows much more vigorously than the grafted portion. since it’s not the lemon tree, perhaps it can’t find pollen to set fruit for its own whatever fruit.

    The problem is that this rootstock branch is capturing all the nutrients and sap and the few lemon tree flowers that do set don’t get enough to turn into larger fruits so they drop off instead and just keep making flowers. in the end the grafted branch will die off since the rootstock will overpower it.

    Can you check to see whether my theory is correct? you should see a graft point where the bark changes color a bit, has a different texture or shows signs of cuts that healed. if I’m right, itll be above the first branch that makes the bushy flowers.

    Do you think you can share a few pics?

    Loving the season!

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