Please help with my plant, a ficus with yellowing leaves

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    Can u please let me know if this is an outdoor or indoor bonsai, also how ofter should I water it, I was advised at the nursery to water it once in 2 weeks, but the leaves are turning yellow an falling off, Also should this be kept under direct sunlight? For how many hours

    Only some 5-6 leaves are left 😕🙁kindly advice

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    Hello Nej! I think the problem of your ficus plant is similar to the one already posted by another forum member. Check the link below:

    Ficus bonsai

    Saw this a week ago while scrolling on the topics. Does the pot have holes for extra water to drain?

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    Nej, ficus lose its leaves either  to overwatering or underwatering. Depending on the exposure (sun or light), it could be that 2 weeks is quite long or short before watering again. The effective way is to stick your finger in the soil every week and to check if the soil is dry enough, then you can water. If not, don’t water yet. Clay balls at the bottom of the pot cover are also helpful to avoid having the roots sitting in extra water after watering.

    I know it’s worrying to see the plant losing a lot of leaves but based on experience, it’ll bounce back quite quickly growing new leaf buds.

    Ficus bonsai needs to be in a luminous spot in the house but no direct sunlight. Placing it beside a window is ideal.

    I’ll be happy to answer any further questions on this topic. 🙂

    In gardening, there’s always something you can’t control.  This makes the experience so humbling. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)