prune clementine to grow branches … en francais?!??

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    Je desire l’anglais, s’il vous plait. Nouveau 3′ Clementine sans les branches! Le pepinieriste fait partite les branches  –> de haut. Qui apprendre a faire tailler germer les branches??

    (J’ai 70 anees; j’ai la francais en ecole 1959 – 1965 et je ne rapelle pas!!)

    Au secours!!



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    Hi Carlie! You can actually share your question here in English. I, for one, would be happy to help you if I know the answer. If not me, there could be other people here who could respond.

    PS: I don’t speak French. 🙂


    Received new “Easy Peel” Clementine tree last week, 3 feet tall (including root ball in pot, so maybe 2.5′) with one branch. There are leaves, so perhaps there are more branches, so tiny they look like leaf stems. It looks healthy but I’m concerned about  trunk 3/8″ diameter above the graft. Is this normal for a tree this height?

    I’m also concerned due to having received a 6 1/2′ tall (dying) avocado tree with a trunk 1/2″ in diameter — 1/2″ the entire length of trunk! — from the same vendor last spring. There were 48″ of naked trunk with 4 spindly limbs near the top of the tree. It appeared the focus of the grower had been for rapid growth in height so they could charge more for a taller tree. My little Clementine looks healthy but I’m seeking advice on how to be sure the new, grafted green trunk grows up strong, at the proper rate, and advice on how to induce the tree to initiate growth of new branches. I really do want it to produce Clementine oranges!  Thank you!  Greenhorn Carlie

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    I get what you mean when you say you’re worried about those spindly trunks! I have exactly the same avocado tree growing in a container and I don’t know whether to prune it or not, it’s also just a long stem with a few branches popping out of the tip. Difference is I grew it from seed, so it isn’t just your vendor telling you stories, that’s how they really start off i guess. Why is it dying? Outside in the cold?

    For the climentine, yes, it’s normal for the graft to have different sizes, the root is taken from a larger tree to immediately feed the variety branch very well. It’ll grow thicker in time with more branches coming out of the tree. You can pinch a few tips of branches and that will trigger new branches to the side, that’ll help those small shoots to expand and grow. basically you want to trim or cut any branch that you don’t want to have. imagine your tree, draw it if you will with a height scale, and whenever a branch isn’t going where you want one to be, SNIP!

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