SEEKING HELP…. for my tall yellowing bromelia

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    Im seeking help with my 1st indoor plant/flower I purchased almost months ago. I was told it was a sturdy one that would be hard to kill because I typically grow/care for outdoor plants/flowers/garden items, etc., which all start & thrive from seeds.
    I have followed all care tips but I don’t know what Im doing wrong! This pitiful thing once had the most beautiful bright yellow/orange top & fresh green leaves BUT LOOK AT HER NOW!

    Dying plant?

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    oh my gosh it looks like it’s dying! looks to me like some kind of root rot. You can tell it’s going from the bottom up on that first leaf with greenish-pink on top but brownish mush at the bottom.

    I don’t think there’s much hope, but I’d try the following:

    • remove the pot without disturbing the clump too much
    • remove soil as much as you can without breaking the roots
    • remove roots that look all mushy, those are goners
    • pot it up again in pure leca balls or gravel or something that drains super well
    • don’t water for at least a whole week and then only just enough to keep the clay balls a bit wet.

    Hopefully it can be saved! Keep us posted!

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    I’m sorry to see your plant in this condition. I’m not so hopeful it can recover but plants can sometimes miraculously get back to life! With what I see, I think this rotting is due to:

    1. overwatering or water sitting in the pot (no drainage so roots got rotten), OR
    2. watering from the top and water got stuck in the crown of leaves

    Check if there are roots that look alive. Otherwise, I don’t see repotting is even worth it. But again, miracles do happen!

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    You can also check the lower part of the stem if it’s still alive by removing the lower leaves. Maybe the roots under the soil are rotten but perhaps you’ll fine new root nodes on the stem. If it’s the case, remove the dead parts of the plant and replant it. I hope your plant survives.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)