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    The plant has had flowers but no fruits forming. The flowers just die off. First time I’ve had this experience. If you know how to encourage squash to bear fruits please let me know.


    It’s probable that this is a pollination issue if the plant is otherwise healthy. Meaning not enough bees around? The female flower should be fertilized by the male flower to produce fruit. But good news, you can do the pollination yourself on behalf of the bees.!

    1. Identify male and female flowers.
    2. With a soft paint brush, carefully and gently dust the pollen inside the male flower.
    3. Brush off the pollen you got from the male flower into the female flower.
    4. If you have more female flowers,  repeat the process.

    Hope this is helpful!


    you know its the female flower because at the base of the petals, you’ll see a small fruit if the flower is fertilized, that’ll grow into a mature fruit.


    Here’s a picture of male (left) and female (right) squash flowers. Photo taken from google images.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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