strawberries full of overgrown leaves but less or no fruits at all

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    Do you have strawberry that growing well, even overgrown with leaves? They’ve less or even no fruits at all, right? That’s the result of overfertilizing. The nitrogen in the fertilizer makes the plants spend its energy on growing but not on fruit production. I’ve just learned it recently after some research that includes asking my friends and a gardening association in my area. I’m sharing this to you all so that you won’t do the same mistake I did! Planting rocks!  😎

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    Thank you for sharing! I have strawberries and they’re doing great even without fertilizer but this could be helpful to others. I could also share this to some people in the future if ever they have this situation.


    Learned this lesson few years ago. Happy I had strawberry with huge leaves, they were so healthy to me and when it did only bear a few fruits, that made me wonder what had went wrong until I found answers through fellow gardeners.

    May others read this. This will save you fertilizer and in return give you more fruits.


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    @scj.joshi there’s lots on how to use peruvian gooseberry here, I think it’s the same plant

    maybe next time you can make a new topic, that way it isn’t as confusing for people, just a short tip!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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