There is land near my home is not in use. I am thinking to start Honey Hive.

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    Near my home, there is land not used. I want to have been hive. It helps my community to get organic honey. Please advise how to get it.

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    Wow that’s an interesting project. Sure you can have a beehive on your lot, and the bees will go to the empty lot nearby it’s a good idea. Where are you from?

    I had a few hives back in the days, and it’s actually pretty easy to start a hive. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have to do four things:

    • plant lots of flower plants, shrubs, trees, ground  cover. Take a walk in your area and check what flowers bees are pollinating and visiting. Plant lots of those!
    • build a hive. With a few tools and wood, straw or clay, you can build different kinds of hives. At the beginning they’ll be empty but in time a wild swarm might come set up house. You can mix a little honey with water and spray it inside the hive to attract them.
    • check if there’s a beekeeper’s association or group nearby, and register. It’s really important, they’ll help you at every step.
    • get the equipment to protect yourself. It’s really important to work with a face veil, gloves, clothes that won’t let bees in, and smokers to calm the bees down.

    Tell us where you’re from, maybe someone nearby can help out!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)