This how I learnt to enjoy gardening as a young lad

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    I am 91 and as a poor family, youngest of seven. We had several allotments. I was always wachinh how my brothers grew all the ecential veg for our consumption. Although I did the basic work as in hoeing and carying water to the allotments as well as chicken manure during the war as we had forty chicken at any one time. Also our school had allotments and when any veg was ready for harvesting we could take the product home. We had to get it wieghed at the local veg shop and priced, this was entered into a book and at the end of the year the head master woul have every boy say how much his havest had cost. So the grand total showed how profitable gardening was. I learnt several tricks about veg and when married where ever we lived . We moved on several occasions. I always found an allotment to enjoy the results of my labours.

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    Wow that is a great story! I’m only half as experienced as you are and it’s great to learn about things like that. I also started lots of veggie patches wherever I lived, and once or twice I was struck with having to move right before the harvest… not an easy thing to give up, those perfectly formed vegetables!

    I also relate to how the work splits up between people in the family. I tend to work on the soil, add manure, compost and do the weeding, and the one sowing and planting stuff is my wife.

    That school scheme with the headmaster sounds brilliant! It really helps a kid put value to their time. It’s really nice to learn about what you did George. Thanks for sharing!

    Loving the season!

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