Velvet tree leggy and sad, what do I do?

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    • Hello, I’ve had this velvet tree for years and it’s never been very happy. I’ve tried different locations, watering less etc. Over the last year its grown new arms, it started off as a single forked plant. But its very leggy and skinny, it cant support itself. What can I do with it?20220709_092656
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    Well, it may not be truly thriving but still it’s quite nice… That said, it could look a bit more lush and your goal is to strenghthen the trunks to do away with those stakes, right?

    From what I see, first off the bat I’d try to give it more light. I’d do this with a medium-height mirror se just behind the plant, to reflect extra light back at it. Nothing fancy, but choose one with a light frame that matches well with your beautiful furniture! It’ll double the light and at the same time increase the visual lushness of the plant.

    Next I’d rotate the plant: you can see how it’s trying to head light-wards. Rotate by 1/3 circle.

    Third thing is to address the softness of the stems: shake that baby! gently of course, more like nudging the pot for a minute or two. Or rotating it as if you were turning the handlebars of a bicycle to make the stems sway. This is what will thicken the trunks. It imitates wind.

    Some put a fan near the plant  with a swiveling head, that works great but it’s a trap for houseplants taht need moisture because dry air will make leaves fall.

    As for watering just keep it up, seems perfect already.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)