White substance on lower branches of potted Olive

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    Hello, Re. my lovely potted Olive, I noticed last week there is a white chalky substance on some of the lower branches. Online searches only came up with black spots or yellowing of the leaves, I cannot find nothing about this white substance. There are Salvia plants growing under the affected branches, maybe it could it come from the Salvias Any advice would be welcome? Thank You, Tumbleweed


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    Please attach a closer picture of the part infected. It will help us to get a better look at the situation. And I’ll gladly help.

    km simp.KM Simp.

    While I agree that a picture will give a clearer identification of the problem, for the meantime, I’d say the  this white substance is either scale insects or aphids infection. And yes salvia plant can be the source given that one of the pests this plant could have is aphids. Did you notice any sticky substance? If yes, then this is secretion from aphids.Of course we can only be sure until a picture is provided.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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