ZZ raven. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

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    Hi. I have been growing ZZ plants for 20 years, have propagated from cuttings, roots, leaves, and I have to keep giving them away because they become too large. Regardless of how small the bulb, or the leaf, it/they ultimately become very, very big.

    THEN, 7-8 months ago, I bought a small, 6″ tall, six stem ZZ Raven.  It sat all autumn, and winter doing nothing!  I cut the two smallest stems off, tried rooting (it didn’t happen), and the notion that it might help force new growth from the remaining four was for naught. Nothing happened.  A few days ago, I saw the tiniest beginnings of a new shoot, but I mean tiny. It looks like it might even be smaller than the two tiny ones I cut off to make it grow.  What is so different, other than the leaf color, of Raven that I just can’t make it DO ANYTHING but sit there.  I’d actually convinced myself that it was a particularly good FAKE PLANT and I should be content with dusting it.  If any of you out there (I’m in Wpg., MB Canada) have any suggestions, boy I’d be happy to hear them.  1 person on my instagram account mentioned he’d had his just as long and he’d had nothing happen either.  Thanks any/everyone!

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    Hi Charlotte, ZZ is a slow grower relatively and the Raven an even slower variety… maybe it’s just that the past winter months haven’t given it enough light to really get started yet? Maybe you could share a picture of where the plant is growing, perhaps a reflector on a wall nearby can increase the light it gets. Hopefully with Spring coming along it’ll start showing signs of life!

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    Message me if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to help out!

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