Acaccia Delbarta… No flowers after four years from seed.

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    The tree is in full sun good soil , and extremely healthy foliages and at about twenty foot tall.

    But there has never been any flowers at all.

    Will this flower in Uk Winter December – March or

    South America Winter, I live in Brazil..

    Any suggestions please.

    Thank you

    Hugo Skucek

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    Hello Hugo welcome

    Normally these will still flower in January – I believe they bloom in winter in the Northern hemisphere because they’re still sync’ed with their native Australia. So it’ll be the same in Brazil.

    4 years is perhaps a bit late for first flowers, but then again I’ve noticed trees sometimes only start blooming once they “run into problems”. As long as there’s soil, rich nutrients, plenty of sun and water, it’ll focus on growing for itself first before thinking of reproducing.

    Maybe you think it’s weird that I personify a tree, but that’s what i’ve noticed.

    In the end, it’ll start blooming on its own, it might be one or two more years.

    Have you ever pruned it yet? Try snipping the tip of as many branches as you can reach, with pole shears or such. If you can nip enough of them, it might trick the tree into preparing for blooming next year. And even if not, you’ll get more branching out which is always a good thing.

    That’s my opinion, maybe someone else has ideas, too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)