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      Meet new people. Gardening helps happy hearts bloom! Share experiences both good and bad so others can learn as you did. Build up trust – the world is our garden!
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      All about planting, pruning, caring for trees and shrubs - and helping each other fix what might be going wrong!
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      AvatarR. Ferrine

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      Feel free to offer your prized seeds & cuttings or ask members for a particular plant. Stay mindful of what's allowed and what isn't in your area.
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Seasonal gardening

A flower-filled garden bed in July

Summer in the garden, all the tasks best done in July

Summer is there and the garden has settled in! The month of July gifts us a multitude of colors, tastes and fragrances as we go about gardening. The long hours we spend relaxing in the greenery mustn’t let us forget…

Pond with plants and rocks

Set up a natural pond

Care for something cool – and refreshing! – in your garden? Set up a natural and eco-friendly pond in your garden, that will welcome lush plants and a host of little animals. Read also: Creating a natural pond Setting up…