Arbequina Olive hit with low temps.

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    Help!  My Arbequina Olive tree planted in a container is loosing leaves.  Temps got to 7 degrees F and stayed below 20 degrees F for about 48 hours.  The tree is in a container on my covered porch.  I covered it and put lights on the tree to help add some warmth.  Last year I did the same thing and the tree was fine but the temps did not get below 20 degrees F.  The leaves have lost color, are curling and falling off.  I am checking the moisture with a meter regularly and not over watering.  I did not insulate the outside of the container.  The branches are pliable and the trunk is still strong.  Once I am sure that the temps remain over 20 degrees, I will move it back out to the sunshine (it does get lots of western sun in the afternoon but the porch is covered.  Any chance I can save the tree?  What shall I do to help it survive?  Oh, I live in central Arkansas; Little Rock to be specific.

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    Seems to me you’re on the right track already! I’m supposing you saw this article that actually relates exactly to your Arbequina.

    In it it says that though twigs and leaves might die, the tree in itself should survive.

    For olive-bearing, though, you might not get many this year since flowers form on wood that grew last year. If too many of those branches died then you won’t get many flowers.

    At this point just be super careful not to overwater, stay on the dry side when in doubt. If you think it will still freeze hard, wrap the container, too, just in case.

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