Banana tree leaves yellowing and developing dry spots?

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    Hi, I have an indoor potted banana tree that was thriving. After Christmas it was moved into a much bigger pot as some of the leaves were starting to yellow on the edges and it had grown much too large. Now all of the leaves are yellowing and have dry brown patches. Is this a disease? The pot has good drainage and we fertilized well when it was transplanted but now it looks worse than ever. Any suggestions on how to help it recover? It gets plenty of light as well.1672931971835740098572328107373IMG_20230105_102111599IMG_20230105_102024582_HDRIMG_20230105_102030688

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    Hello Steph, first impressions are that it looks like it suffered a bit from air that is too dry. It’s rather common when winter sets in and the heaters turn on, this reduces air moisture.

    I think the dryish spots with tiny dots might be some sort of fungus, but they’re only taking advantage of the fact that the plant is weakened.

    As a first step, I’d try misting leaves with rainwater twice a day. Also, if possible, check that it isn’t in a place where drafts of wind dry it out. It’s ok when the door opens every now and then to circulate air, but if there’s a constant flow of air it’ll dry the leaves out faster. There are also other tricks to increase moisture around your banana plant, check which ones might work for you.



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