Distressed Spathiphylliums. how can they be revived.? The compost is still damp

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    valerie robinsonvalerie robinson
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    How can I revive my spathiphylliums. they have become limp althoughthe compost is still moist

    Green Thumb (moderator)
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    Hello Valerie, I suspect it’s overwatering or the water doesn’t drain out. Before you water, stick your finger in the soil. If it’s still moist, don’t water yet. Make sure your pot has a hole for drainage and let it drip excess water out after watering. The kitchen sink is the easiest place to do this. Feel free to attach photos if you think it’s another problem.

    I sincerely hope your Spathiphyllium is still surviving. I saw your question was two weeks ago. With several questions and comments posted simultaneously, sometimes we overlook one or two.

    “You got to be a gardener to appreciate dirty and muddy hands.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)