Intentional plant poisoning by a deranged human, HELP!

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    For a few weeks now I’ve been watching my healthy thriving vegetable and fruit starts suddenly collapse and die. It seems as if there is a transparent substance, kinda crystal-y looking on the dying and dead ones. Each plant, no matter what type it is, has collapsed in the middle, yellowed and kinda turned white, again in the middle region of the plant, and then just died. Each plant dies within hours of onset of visual symptoms. I started to think maybe someone was poisoning them, and I turned out to be right unfortunately. One of my roommates has serious psychological issues and has decided he doesn’t like my plants. I set up a servelience security camera and caught him pouring something on my plants more than once. Even with video proof he denies doing anything to the plants, so I’m getting no help as to what it was he pored on them. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what he may have put on them or how to reverse the toxins to save the plants for me while I go look for a new place to live?

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    Goodness me that sounds like it’s a severe case of problemitis.

    I did read an article on this site that deals with plant poisoning but it was for trees. Maybe some of the tips there apply? It’s here

    But it’s going to be difficult to keep your plants alive is someone is really trying to kill them.

    It seems like your roommate just sprays one or two squirts at the center of the plant and it’s enough to kill it. I know bleach is very potent, it would dissolve plant tissues and kill the plant very quickly. Even just gasoline kills a plant very easily. Is there a suspicious smell that you can link to the symptoms?

    Maybe one of your cleaning detergents is disappearing faster than it should? That would be a hint.

    What bothers me in all this is that whatever poison is being used is also ending up in the soil. And from there, even if you do miraculously save the plants, it might end up in the veggies and fruits! Maybe it’s best to move your plants to a friend’s place for the time being, but if I were you I’d chalk up the losses and start from scratch with new soil and plants.

    It might seem like a win for your roommate, but that’s his twisted vision of it and the true winner would be you if you persevere in your planting whatever the obstacles.




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