is it possible to water a plant from below, in the saucer?

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    Hello dears,

    My question may seem strange, but it’s quite important for me.

    Is it possible to water a plant by putting water in the saucer underneath the pot? Do all plants like being watered this way?

    I watered a little cactus I recently adopted in this manner because I was afraid it would rot if I watered it from above. And it did look like it was thirsty.

    I know about dunking but this is something different.

    Of course, I’ll empty whatever water is left in the saucer soon after, but to me it just feels like I’m giving the plant the choice to drink up only what it needs. We also do the same ourselves, drinking water as we need and not over-drinking, don’t we? Because when I sometimes take a look at my potting mixes, even the so-called “superdraining” ones, I still see they’re quite soggy for a while after watering from above. It really looks like the plant can’t absorb all the moisture and it stays wet.

    Thank you for your feed back and have a very nice day

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