Looking to see if this is too much for a Plumeria cutting

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    I found a site with exotic plumeria but not sure if the price is to high. They go for 20-25$ on it.


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    I’m in the Philippines now so we get them for much cheaper – the ask-your-neighbor-for-a-cutting kind of price…. can’t beat that!

    But back in Europe I remember those were the prices, it depended on how big the tree and pot were. Taller ones like 3-4 feet went for about 40-60 €. Shorter ones like 1-2 feet went from 15 to 30 € depending on how lush or scraggly they were. I think dollar and euro are 1:1 these days, more or less.

    I guess it also depends if the postage is included? Sometimes online shops will charge a reasonable price for the plant but then you pay lots more for postage than for the plant itself. Maybe that depends on where they are based, too.

    So I’d say 20+ dollars is a good price to start with, for sure!

    Loving the season!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)