Mallow tree few small or no flowers

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    My tree Mallow which I planted last year in semi-shade has had only a few small flowers and now has stopped flowering atogether in August, despite fertile soils, feeding with potash, plenty of watering and warm weather. Disappointing! Any reasons why?


    I understand you’d be disappointed! I can see two reasons from what you share:

    • still a bit young? After all, in the first year after planting, the shrub is going to focus on roots and spreading out. Depending on how it was grown in a nursery or pulled out and sold bare roots, it either lost much of its roots upon transplanting or had it easy with constant watering and moisture if started in a container… planting in the ground means catching up with harsh reality!
    • too much shade? Nearby, neighbors have a hedge of mallows and part of it is covered by a massive cherry tree. The portion that often under the shade doesn’t have as many flowers. Maybe the shade-bearing tree can be thinned out somewhat, to let more light through?

    That was my own two cents… good job feeding it so well, though!


    Might be overwatering? Ideally water only when the soil is dry. How’s drainage? This plant likes to be in a well-drained soil.

    I would feel the same if I were you especially when everything seems to be good. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)