Monstera thrips and brown spots on the leaves

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    Hi all,
    I’m new here and to plants in general. Got myself a Monstera that grew without problems for the past summermonths. At some point brown spots started to appear and after the last leaf was very small and already brown when it unfolded I inspected it closer and found thrips. Started using a pesticide that’s sprayed onto the leaves, use a fur roller to get adults off the plant. I now only see single thrips here and there. However the brown spots continue to spread. I’m wondering if I should do more against the thrips or if there might be another problem with the plant. I also took the plant out of the soil. It seems to me like a quite small amount of roots. The soil fell basically off the roots so it doesn’t seem to me like there has been much root growth lately.
    Some general info to the plant:

    • Located in Norway so little light at the moment
    • Stands approx. 1m away from east facing window
    • Radiator approx. 1m away which is under the window on the wall
    • Re-potted once (around October) into a mixture of 40% orchid bark, 40% perlite, 20% regular soil

    Here some pictures. Any help is appreciated. Would be kind of sad to loose the plant.


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