Sick pothos

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    My pothos was a cutting. It took a while before it could grow new beautiful healthy leaves. Forgetting to water it sometimes I believe is the reason why it has suddenly became sickly: lost mostly of its leaves, vines look dry with no new sprouts appearing. How to rejuvenate it? Is repotting a good option? Fertlizer? Does cutting the old vines give way to new sprouts?

    Mr. ZMr. Z

    I’d say repotting and deadheading (cutting vines that are almost dead). Why not put the plant somewhere that doesn’t get direct sunlight but still gets enough light and that you see every day to avoid forgetting to water it? Works well for me. Most of my indoor plants are in the kitchen, bathroom, tv room or on my working table.


    I’d like to add that using the right soil mix for the repotting is also an important consideration here. You can ask advice from garden store personnel what’s best for pothos.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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