What is the best soil mix for anthurium?

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    Hello everyone!!

    I tell you, I bought an anthurium in the nursery a couple of weeks ago and since the pot it was planted in was very small, I decided to transplant it. At that time I did not take the time to look for information on the most suitable type of soil for anthuriums. I found some soil in my garden, filled the pot and proceeded with the transplant.

    My garden soil is very rich in nutrients and quite light. The truth, due to my ignorance, I thought it would be very good for an anthurium. But over the days I have been noticing that the plant has not reacted very well to the transplant. I thought it was just post-transplant stress, but since it’s been a long time, I think it’s something else.

    Because of that, I started to think that the soil mix I used is not the idea. I started looking for information and found quite a few articles on the subject. There are many posts on the topic.

    Although the information given by each of these articles does not coincide 100%, in general they all come to the conclusion that the soil for anthuriums must retain very little water and that the soil mixtures for orchids or succulents are quite good for the case. . .

    From what I have been reading I think that all the articles end up agreeing on mixtures of this style:

    – 5 parts potting soil to control humidity
    – 2 parts peat
    – 2 parts orchid potting mix
    – 1 part of perlite Mix very well and then add it to the pot of your plants.

    I have not gotten peat from any of the nurseries I have visited. So peat has the characteristic of helping to make a more porous mix, but at the same time it has the ability to retain a certain percentage of moisture.

    Knowing this I thought of replacing the peat with wood bark. Since being organic, it will reserve a little water and at the same time, since it is quite thick, it will help the mixture to have greater porosity.

    I would like your experience to confirm that this information is correct, and at the same time that you tell me what soil mixture works best for your anthuriums.

    Personally, I like to try and regulate this kind of thing. That is, trial and error works best. So it would be very helpful for me to know your experience. Because as I said before I have never had an anthurium at home, I really like its flowers so I hope I can take care of it properly.

    From already thank you very much! 🙂

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    Hello Tito09, curious that no one has answered yet. I’m interested in knowing whether the mix you prepared worked out well? I’m hoping it has. Never easy to go into uncharted waters, but I sure appreciate the explaining you did as you went forward!

    I don’t have any anthuriums yet but I sure hope i can get some, soon. I do have a peace lily, though. Do you think they’re the same in terms of potting soil?

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