What to do in aftermath of freeze for clematis armandii?

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    The February winter storm left my three clematis vines with brown leaves. Nearly the entire vine is is covered in the brown leaves. The leaves closest to the ground stayed green. The vines are still alive and actually have new growth near the ground. Because of the extended extreme freeze (which was completely out of character for Arkansas weather) I am not sure if it will bloom. And I usually prune after the bloom. Should I cut back the entire vine to the ground? Not really sure what to do. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    I would wait to see if there is leaf out as many plants are leafing out late this year here in the Dallas Metroplex. But if the normal leaf out time for them has passed, you can also start pruning from the ends towards the base in 2″ increments (or whatever amount is practical for you) and stopping when you “see green”. I too used to prune after they bloomed (in “normal” winters).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)