Getting rid of dandelions, tried so many ways with no success. Please help.

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    cheryl wallcheryl wall
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    what is the easiest and safest way to get rid of dandelions? Tried round up that didn’t work, tried vinegar and salt didn’t work, burned it failure, even tried a borax and that made them bigger! So if someone has a trick that totally works, I would be so great full.

    Nate from N&GNate from N&G
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    Hi there, Cheryl!

    Ah the dilemma of dandelion – for sure there will be gardeners here ready to share their strategies to get rid of it!

    In the meantime, here’s a link to discover some benefits of the weed:


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    Message me if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to help out!

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    I agree that controlling dandelions is both challenging and frustrating. The roots run so deep in the soil and the way to kill them is to take them out completely, at least the main roots. If some parts remains under, they grow back quickly.

    How big is your lawn? On my part, as I have a small one, I do the tedious way of controlling dandelions. I dig/pull out the roots with the tool in the picture (taken online) below. I use gloves, of course, to avoid getting some blisters. It’s hard to dig out those which have been there for more than a year and those that just sprouted are a piece of cake! Be careful to not just leave those that have been taken out on an open ground; once the roots touch the soil, it grows back too. Burn them or let them dry completely under the heat of the sun. I’ve been spending at least 30 mins a day (when I can or when convenient) for this task and I feel I’m in control now.

    I saw this discussion in 2019 here. They have some good ideas to try:


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    If you just want to control them in a small patch, like a veggie patch, go for a thick layer of mulch, i mean like one foot thick! Seeds won’t sprout under all that, and if they do it’s super easy to pull them out. Other than that, just make it a habit to cut every single flower you see so it doesn’t go to seed.

    Loving the season!

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